About Compost With Me

Compost With Me LLC began as a residential compost service in 2013, when owner Mary Bunker Ryther set up a small composting site on her family’s West Falmouth farm. The business quickly expanded to meet growing demand in both residential and commercial sectors, until lack of compost site capacity forced CWM to discontinue food scrap collections in early 2020.

Becoming involved in the new and rapidly growing nation-wide network of community-scale composters lent energy and focus to the business in the early years. The committed CWM team worked tirelessly to reduce food waste and recycle the nutrients locally, aimed at creating a closed-loop food system. The final product, a premium-quality soil amendment is extremely popular with local gardeners and will be available throughout 2021.

With the closure of CWM’s compost site, Mary will re-organize her efforts to serve in different roles within the composting community. The siting and development of a municipal-scale compost site on Cape Cod is one of Mary’s goals.