What can you compost?

If you are new to composting, don’t fear! We have all the information you need to begin, starting with what you can and cannot put into your compost pile.

If you are enrolled in a compost service, we recommend that you follow your composting company’s guidelines for what they will and will not accept.

If you have a backyard pile for your food scraps, here is a quick guide for you to follow:

DO compostDO NOT compost
All vegetable and fruit wasteGrease, fat, or oil
Baked goodsMeat or other heavy proteins
Coffee groundsWalnut shells (these can be
toxic to some plants and animals)
Corn cobs and husksDiseased plants
GrainsHuman or pet waste
PastaKitty litter
Pumpkin and sunflower seedsCompostable containers * (though not
appropriate for backyard piles, these
containers can be composted at a
commercial facility)
Tea bags
Tofu and soy products

* The Woods Hole Sea Grant, Wellfleet Recycling Committee, and CARE for Cape and Islands put together a local guide for compostable tableware choices. You can find the guide here and their press release here. For more resources check out our resources page!