Meet The Team


 Meet Mary, our Founder! She’s a Falmouth native, born and raised, who decided to start a business that could give back to her community and her local landscape. So in 2013, she used part of her family’s farmland to start CWM. If Mary was stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing, she would bring chocolate ice cream. 


 Meet Matt! He’s our Hauling Manager. Originally from Falmouth, Matt started working for CWM when he moved back to town in 2015. In addition to seeing him behind the wheel of the CWM truck, you may spot Matt riding a Friday bike route. It’s rare, however, that you will catch him with a matching pair of socks on. 


 Meet Bret! He’s a compost Hauler/Rider (the go-to rider) from Falmouth who started working for CWM during the Winter of 2017. Bret drives the CWM truck, rides Friday routes, and even does much of our web-design (but did not write this about himself). Bret usually rides on the right side of the road. 


 Meet Meg! She’s a compost Hauler and a former CWM customer who joined the team in the Summer of 2017! Every year for the Falmouth Road Race Meg leaps over the finish line in a ballet jump called a saut de chat


 Meet Christian! He’s a compost Hauler/Rider when he’s not studying Sustainable Food & Farming at UMASS Stockbridge. Christian hails from Woods Hole and started working for CWM during the Winter of 2017. He drives the CWM truck and rides Friday routes. He has been known to complete his bike route during a flood. 


 Meet Tyler! Tyler worked for CWM back in 2015 before finishing his studies at UMASS, and now he has returned for another composting stint! He’s a Hauler/Rider who drives the CWM truck and rides Friday routes. Tyler remembers to bring speakers to work. We love him for it. 


 Meet Rogue! He’s a pro at keeping pests away from the compost piles. Also, he loves carrots. 


 Meet Jobe! Jobe isn’t very helpful on the farm, but he is good for plenty of laughs. His favorite chew-toy is Christian.