Community Composting


 Community Composting, as described in the article Why Big and Small Organics Recyclers Need Each Other in BioCycle magazine, is a manner of composting that emphasizes collecting and processing organic matter locally and scaled to fit the particular community setting instead of a large-scale regional organics recycling program. Community composting can also be described as decentralized composting, juxtaposed with centralized composting in which collected compost is often hauled vast distances to be processed. Community composting can be seen as a more sustainable method since there are less nonrenewable resources being used in the collection of recyclable organics. Additionally, community members are involved in the process. 


 Compost With Me is actively engaged in local organics recycling programs, and continually fine-tuning our methods so that best practices can be developed and applied to the unique environment on Cape Cod. 


 We are working to develop a network of local composting sites so that our collection routes are efficient and the compost can be used to grow local healthy food for Cape Cod communities.